Web Conferencing with WebEx - WebEx is a secure, cloud-based service that allows Web conferencing in a collaborative session sharing audio, video, and the desktop. It allows participants to attend meetings by phone, computer, or via iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.

WebEx is currently a fee based service that will be billed per individual/host and tied to a GL Code.  The current negotiated rate is $50.00 per month, subject to change.  For more information on billing/billing options or if you would like to get WebEx, please contact us through email at; ithelp@harvard.edu.

If you are having technical issues and would like to open a WebEx support ticket :

1)      Contact Tech Support via the support number listed on the customer's branded WebEx site
a.       Support > Contact Us

2)      Submit a web support case.  First login to your WebEx account and then click here.

Click a Link Below;

WebEx Getting-Started

WebEx Training

WebEx How-To

See also our TelePresence and WebEx scheduling and integration guides below!

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